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New Universal Laptop AC Adapter / Power Supply+8 Tip+Cord

power Universal laptop AC adapter

Universal laptop AC adapter is adjustable, brand new and high efficiency. The Universal power adapter will power your laptop perfectly, and 8 most common connectors that can be used with almost all notebook computers.

Availability: Best Replacement for Original Product

Condition: Brand New

1 year Warranty 30 days Money Back

Product Parameters

  • Item Number:
  • EAD8001UO1
  • Input Volts:
  • AC 100V-240V
  • Power Max:
  • 120W

Switchable Voltage Options

  • DC15V 8A(MAX)
  • DC16V 7.5A(MAX)
  • DC18V or 18.5V 6.7A(MAX)
  • DC19V or 19.5V 6.3A(MAX)
  • DC20V 6A(MAX)
  • DC22V 5.6A(MAX)
  • DC24V 5A(MAX)

Universal laptop AC adapter Availability:

Brand new, Full 1 year warranty.

Universal Laptop AC adapter Warranty:

  • 100% new high quality Universal laptop AC adapter.
  • Product Condition: Brand New in Bulk Packaging. OEM Equivalent Replacement Part.
  • Manufactured By High-Capacity power products.
  • 100% compatible with laptops.
  • Full 1 year warranty. 30 day money back guarantee!

Specification: DC Connector: 8 tips

  • Tip 1 - 4.8mm x 1.7mm (HP/compaq) HP/Compaq 18.5V 3.5A, Compaq 18.5V 2.7A, Compaq 18.5V 3.8A, Delta 19V 2.64A, NEC 19V 2.64A, ASUS 19V 2.64A
  • Tip 2 - 5.5mm x 1.5mm (Acer)
  • Tip 3 - 5.5mm x 2.1mm (Acer) Tuning type with fork terminal Suit for Acer 19V 3.42A, Compaq 19V 3.16A, Delta 19V 3.42A, Delta 19V 4.47A, Delta 19V 4.74A, Fujitu 19V 4.22A, HP/Compaq 18.5V 1.1A, HP/Compaq 19V 3.16A, HP/Compaq 18.5V 4.9A, IBM 16V 3.5A, IBM 16V 3.36A, IBM 16V 4.5A, IBM 19V 4.2A, Liteon 19V 3.95A, Liteon 19V 4.74A, LS 20V 3.25A, Gateway 19V 3.16A, Gateway 19V 3.68A, Gateway 19V 4.74A,Toshiba 19V 4.74A
  • Tip 4 - 5.5mm x 2.5mm (IBM/Gateway/Toshiba) IBM,Gateway,Liteon 19V 3.16A, NEC 19V 3.16A,Toshiba 19V 3.42A.Toshiba 19V 3.16A
  • Tip 5 - 5.5mm x 3.0mm (Samsung) Samsung 19V 4.74A, Samsung 19V 4.22A, Samsung 16V 3.75A
  • Tip 6 - 6.3mm x 3.0mm (Toshiba) NEC 15V 4A, Toshiba 15V 3A, Toshiba 15V 4A, Toshiba 15V 5A, Toshiba 15V 6A, Toshiba 15V 8A
  • Tip 7 - 6.4mm x 4.4mm (Sony) Fujitu 16V 3.36A, Fujitu 16V 3.75A, Fujitu 19V 3.16A, Sony 16V 3.75A, Sony 19.5V 2.15A, Sony 19.5V 4.7A, Sony 19.5V 5.13A, Sony 19.5V 3A, Sony 19.5V 4.1A, Sony 16V 4A, Samsung 14V 3A,Sony 19.5V 6.15A,Sony 19.5V 7.8A
  • Tip 8 - Dell PA-9 model (Dell) DC 20V 4.5A

Universal Laptop AC adapter Fit Laptop Models:

ASUS | Averatec | Compaq | Dell | Fujitsu | Gateway | HP | IBM | NEC | Panasonic | Sony | Toshiba | Winbook


  • Please make sure the output voltage your device uses is within 15V to 24V. You can find the output voltage on your laptop or the original ac adaptor that comes with your device.
  • Find the correct connector by trying to plug it in the device. We recommend plugging the connector in the device before it is plugged into the AC Adapter.
  • Select the correct voltage (determined by your laptop) just by simply moving the voltage switch button with your finger.

Item Includes: AC Adapter, plug-in connectors and Power Cord.

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