As technology developed, forklift lithium batteries-powered appeared and replaced the original lead-acid batteries in large numbers. Apart from their high price, lithium batteries cost far less than lead-acid batteries in everyday use. His daily use has the following advantages.

Reduced time and labor costs

Lithium-ion batteries do not require routine maintenance, do not need to be refilled with water during charging and do not have to wait for the battery to cool down after charging, saving time wastage and labor costs.

Lower electricity costs

Lithium-ion batteries can save over 30% in electricity losses.

Lithium-ion batteries have a long life and can reduce waste

ion batteries last more than 20 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, with more than 3,000 charge cycles.

Easy charging and short charging times

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged eight times faster than conventional lead-acid batteries and do not require the addition of distilled water during the charging process; they can cope with different temperature charging environments.

Low capacity loss in standby mode

Lithium-ion batteries lose less energy than lead-acid batteries when the motor is not running, which means it can run for longer with consistent performance.

More environmentally friendly and safer

Lithium-ion batteries do not emit toxic fumes when they are in operation, reducing the number of accidents. There is also no risk of acid leakage as with lead-acid batteries, making them safer. They do not need to be replaced as often as traditional lead-acid batteries.

With many factors, lithium-ion batteries for forklift trucks have become the preferred choice for more users.

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