Forklift lithium batteries will replace lead-acid forklift batteries.

The lead-acid battery has a history of more than 100 years; As a traction type battery forklift, mainly open type with water battery support, the product is mature, and the technology already has any problem.

In recent years, the rise of lithium batteries, thus promoting the scope of application, is known to the public. However, the technology still needs to be updated continuously, whether, in terms of electric core, BMS management system, etc. There are still many shortcomings, the use of lithium battery in a wide range of fields. In addition to cars electric vehicles, 1.5 tons electric forklift, forklift, towers, and other scenarios can use.

The following is to introduce what are the advantages of forklift lithium batteries compared with a lead-acid battery. What kind of advantages do electric forklifts using lithium batteries have over batteries?

What are the advantages of Forklift lithium batteries compared with lead-acid batteries?
Lithium battery for electric forklifts is affected by the popularity of charging equipment, the restriction of range, and the uncontrollable influence of the far-reaching marching area, so now most lithium cars are used in commuter cars, electric maintenance cars, sanitation and cleaning cars, and short-line buses.

However, forklift trucks are mostly in the factory area because of the operation, the intensity of operation, and the fixed environment, and the intensity of operation is strong all over, so many advantages of a lithium battery can be shown in electric forklift trucks.

Benefits of lithium battery electric forklift: maintenance-free: no need to add water, no-drip corrosion and other pollution, fast charging form, 1-3 hours fast charging form are suitable for multi-shift operation. It is ready to be charged and used to avoid replacing the battery, and the power is weaker, which can completely replace the internal combustion forklift. The technology monitors the condition of forklift and battery, electric forklift, and improves the handling level of a forklift. Environmental protection, no pollution, no corrosion, no lead.

Because lithium battery has various advantages compared with a traditional lead-acid battery, its use in the forklift industry will have a strong impact on the original forklift market pattern, and the presentation of lithium battery forklift is a general trend. The rapid development of the logistics industry requires a forklift with short charging time, long operation time, stable function, able to accept the high-intensity operation, and a high degree of automation and intelligence. The presentation of lithium batteries adds a bright spot to the development of the forklift industry.

Some people will also question

Can I replace a lead-acid battery with a Forklift lithium batteries?

Yes, the original forklift using a lead-acid battery can also use a lithium battery directly.

First of all, it should be noted that when replacing a lead-acid battery with a lithium battery, it must match the original battery’s voltage, and the capacity can be increased, and the endurance time can be longer. Even if it is the same capacity, the lithium battery range and life will be longer. Secondly, it should be noted that the original charger cannot be charged with a lithium battery. It needs to be purchased separately or customized as a special charger.

At the same time, considering the working nature of the forklift and the weight of the battery. Itself will be reduced while replacing the lithium battery, it is necessary to increase the corresponding counterweight.

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Forklift lithium batteries

We can provide lithium battery solutions to replace the lead-acid batteries of the following brands of forklifts.

Forklift Brand-Forklift lithium batteries Replacement

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