A forklift is an indispensable tool in any factory around the world. Therefore, helping your customers find an efficient, convenient and safe way to power their forklifts is an important thing if your customers need to rely on forklifts for their livelihood.

Which one is better

Lithium-ion vs. lead-acid batteries? Which would be your choice. Personally, I think it’s already time to go for lithium batteries as forklift batteries.More and more customers, choose Li-ion battery as the replacement of lead-acid battery.Especially in China, where the application of battery technology is most advanced, no self-respecting electric vehicle manufacturer today will continue to use lead-acid battery technology.It’s time for the forklift industry to catch up

Regardless of which battery you choose, there will be capital costs and technical risks at the beginning. If you can afford the higher upfront cost of lithium batteries, you may find life easier and that this option is a cost-effective option over time. Much depends on the knowledge of the operator and how they approach the battery system.There is a famous saying in China, who is the first movers.The sooner you act, the more you profit

How to choose a good supplier of forklift battery solutions

Choosing lithium-ion forklift batteries is the right way to prevent battery failures and other technical difficulties associated with lead-acid alternatives.

However, you should not aim at some small local battery suppliers. In order to find the best forklift lithium batteries for your customer’s needs, you should expand your search, especially to Chinese lithium battery solution manufacturers- SPBATT 

Working with more battery solution providers can help you find the right thing you need for more easily because they are able to offer more services. You are also to receive a higher value battery.

Although it is sometimes difficult to compare battery prices due to differences in quality, look for a supplier that can have a professional workforce and cell factory so that you can avoid too much damage if the battery in your product fails.

When you’re shopping for a lithium battery, try not to be confused by the new, varied battery features.  If you’re having trouble making a decision, consult with an industry expert to stay on track. You should also talk to a salesperson to find out how your supplier’s batteries are made and whether they have the ability to customise a battery solution to match your forklift with various brands, all of which are ways to ensure that you are able to purchase a high quality forklift lithium battery.

As a professional battery solution provider, spbatt has a professional foreign trade team, as well as a battery cell factory to work with. We are able to meet the needs of our customers for customised battery solutions and provide the best quality sales service

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