Whether you’re looking for a way to keep the lights on when the grid goes out or intend to help balance the electricity bill. A solar home energy storage system + lithium batteries is a great option. Batteries can be an expensive option for house energy backup. However, batteries are more environmentally friendly than fuel generators and are becoming more affordable and efficient as the market for solar storage space continues to grow.

Solar battery basics
Before we look at what batteries are best for your solar system, we would like to review a few standard terms related to batteries.

Capacity is how much electricity your solar home storage battery can store. Similar to your electrical load, capacity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). When the value is higher, the more electricity it stores.

Power is the amount of energy in kilowatts (kW) that a battery can provide at a given moment. These two aspects go together when it comes to storing power for solar panels and keeping your tonnage running.
A high capacity battery can store a large amount of electricity, while a high power battery can provide capacity for more appliances, at the same time

Depth of Discharge (DoD).
Depth of discharge, also known as DoD, is the fraction of the battery power you utilise.
For example, suppose you have a battery with a capacity of 5 kWh. You use 3.75 kWh of power, which is about 75%. The depth of discharge is 75%.
Battery manufacturers have a recommended optimum depth of discharge for most batteries, indicating that they are not telling you to use 100% of the battery’s charge. Doing so may shorten the life of your battery considerably. The DoD of batteries varies, but in most cases a battery with a higher DoD means you can use the battery’s power percentage better.

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Battery life.
If you’ve ever owned the same laptop or smart device for a few years, you’ve likely noticed that the battery doesn’t last as long in its second year as it did when you first bought it back.This is because with each billing and release cycle, the battery’s ability to keep up with costs decreases.

Most batteries come with a service warranty that will guarantee the battery for a specific number of cycles or for a specific amount of time. As with various other solar system equipment such as panels and inverters, choose a reputable, long-established supplier who is more likely to honour these guarantees.

SPBATT batteries are the best performing residential solar panel backup as well as storage space option on the market.
The latest battery storage space system SPBATT offers a base style design for the most popular and economical size of 5 kWh. In terms of design, it has the following attributes.
The expansion in terms of collection is too identical.
The safest battery with a modular design.
Wide range of operating temperatures.
Versatile controls covering all areas of operation.

Six simple factors for choosing a wall-mounted battery from a Chinese distributor

Competitive pricing

Cost is always critical, but high quality is a key part of the project. spbatt does not do brand premiums. Although spbatt has their powerwall manufacturing base, they have always focused on high quality, utilising the most affordable products to dominate their customers and giving their suppliers one of the most revenue. Many Chinese imports have created a large selection of products for their consumers and powerwall suppliers from China, offering more choice to customers around the world.

Advanced technology

Why choose a Chinese supplier for your power wall? They don’t even have any well-known brands and perhaps their modern technology is not at all sophisticated. There is no doubt that Chinese manufacturers were once understood for providing factory services to some important companies. One may not have come across some of the popular powerwall brands from China. However, they have been producing these items for a long time. They need their own well known brand name. SPBATT is now working in this direction as well as using its proven innovative capabilities to provide OEM to other customers in need.

Minimising manufacturing prices

The cost difference between manufacturing in the USA and manufacturing in China is considerable. US manufacturers have high overhead costs, high training costs, and high turnaround prices. China’s buying power makes overseas manufacturing a suitable option for day-to-day business.

Adequate acquisition chain

The cost of buying products and components for some assets is much lower in China than in other countries. But this does not mean that Chinese manufacturers need to use more low-quality products. Leading Chinese companies are also using some of the same suppliers as European producers to generate key elements, such as power modules. Chinese powerwall suppliers therefore have a significant advantage in terms of access to basic materials

High production capacity

Chinese production facilities generate items for the global economic situation. Their production capacity has far exceeded what individuals consider feasible. When you outsource your company to China, you are working with tried and tested manufacturing facilities that have been producing top quality products in unparalleled sectors for many years and in ample supply.

An economical project

In China, you can get a premium product for very little money. The manufacturing facilities in China offer reduced prices for bulk orders; therefore, you can save even more cash.

SPBATT power supplies.
As a lithium battery manufacturer, SPBATT specialises in the development, production and packaging manufacture of the world’s leading lithium-ion batteries. Offering consumers a turnkey service and continuous product service throughout their lifecycle.

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