Portable Energy Storage Batteries-Power Station

Solar Charging Energy Storage Power Station


Features of Power Station

  • Real 800W power station, use high quality lithium battery and smart chipset inside, make full protection for the batteries, no fire, no explosion.
  • Power backup for power failure or far away from a wall outlet such as camping, road trip, tailgating party, BBQ, photography, fishing, or emergency power supply when you are stuck in hurricanes, flood, mountain fire, Tornadoes,etc.
  • Small size for easy portable


General Specifications:

Dimension(cm): 27.3 x 26 x 29.8        Gross Weight: 12 kgs


12V DC socket (Max. 11 Amp)/12V DC Jack x 2 (total Max. 1 Amp)/5V 2.1A USB port x 3/110V AC power inverter 400Watt/External battery connection for jumpstarting

Work light:

5 x LED work light (Low voltage shut down 10V±0.3V)


Car – AC/DC charging port,  AC-AC/DC charging port, Solar charging port

Built-in battery: 2x12V 12Ah

Inverter Specification:

Output Power Continuous: 800W operating

Voltage: DC 11-14.5V

AC Output Voltage: 110V±10%

Output Wave Form: Filtered Modified Sine Wave Low

Battery Alarm: DC 10.3V±0.3V

Low Battery Shut Down: DC 9V±0.3V

Frequency: 60Hz±3

Efficiency: 85%

No Load Current Draw: <0.65A

Over Temperature Protection: 100℃±10%

赛锂hh 553

  1. Display button
  2. AC charging port
  3. 2 x 12V DC jack
  4. 12V DC socket
  5. Solar charging port
  6. 3 x USB port
  7. 5 x LED work light
  8. LED work light ON/OFF switch
  9. Jump start connection
  10. USB power ON/OFF switch
  11. 2 x 110V AC outlet
  12. Power inverter ON/OFF switch