Portable Energy Storage Battery-Power Station for Rescue

Solar Charging Energy Storage Power Station


 Features of Power Station

  • 500 Peak Amp jump starter with heavy duty cable and clamps.
  • 260 PSI high flow air compressor for inflating tires and accessories.
  • Easy to read analog pressure gauge.
  • 200 watt power inverter (500 watt peak surge).
  • Two 110-volt AC outlets.
  • One 12-volt accessory outlet for powering DC appliance loads up to 11 Amps
  • One USB power port for charging mobile phones, digital camera, MP3 players, and
  • AM/FM radio with built-in speakers.
  • 3.5mm audio input jack for external music players.
  • Bright 9-LED area light.
  • Hazard Flasher Lens and blinking mode for emergency light.
  • AC recharging adapter.
  • DC recharging adapter.
  • Easy to read analog voltmeter for checking battery status.


left side


Left side:

1. Inverter AC Outlets
2. Inverter ON/OFF Switch
3. Work Light
4. Black Negative (−) Jumper Cable
5. Inverter Power Indicator
6. 25 Amp Fuse
7. USB/DC Power Indicator
8. USB/DC Power Switch
9. Hazard Flasher Lens
10. Compressor Hose
11. USB Power Port
12. DC Power Port
13. Compressor Pressure Gauge
14. Battery Status Voltmeter
15. Charging Indicator
16. Charging Jack
17. Battery Check Button
18. Compressor ON/OFF Switch
19. Work-Light/Blinker/OFF Switch
20. Red Positive (+) Jumper Cable

right side

Right side:

21. Extendable Antenna
22. Jump Starter Safety Switch
23. 3.5mm Audio Input Jack
24. Red Positive (+) Jumper Cable
25. Storage Compartment
26. Rubber Handle
27. Clock Radio LCD Display
28. Clock Radio Controls
29. Speakers