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Tesla powerwall

Tesla Inc. is reportedly developing and deploying a solar+home battery (powerwall) project at a residential community called Easton Park in Austin, Texas, deploying a Tesla V3 Solar Roof and Powerwall 2 residential battery storage system for the community’s homes.

Tesla has signed a partnership agreement with global asset management group Brookfield Asset Management and real estate developer Dacra to deploy a home energy system for the homes on the Easton campus. The residential community is still under construction and will have up to 10,000 homes when completed.  

Tesla’s deployment began in June with the installation of just a few sample homes. During its sampling phase, learn about product integration to inform the planning and design of large-scale development deployments. The technology is designed to meet the daily electricity needs of residential customers, reduce the demand for grid power and provide backup power in the event of a grid outage.

Brookfield has invested in the development of the Easton campus, which consists of some different communities, each built around parks and green spaces. Tesla says the homes in what it calls the “SunHouse” solar community will be designed and sold separately from the house in the other communities.

Brian Kingston, chief executive of Brookfield’s real estate business, said the homes would meet the growing demand for energy security and residents’ aspirations for sustainable living with the deployment of solar+storage systems. And Craig Robins, CEO of Dacra, said, “The goal of creating fully sustainable communities is not only feasible but the best practical and economical option.”  

For Tesla, the company has encountered some challenges in rolling out solar roofs integrated with buildings. One of the main challenges is the need for solar power facility systems to be designed to fit the top to meet other houses’ different sizes and design requirements. Still, the large-scale deployment of such solar + storage systems in residential communities with similar house styles and lengths would reduce installation time and associated costs.  

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At the same time, other battery storage suppliers such as Sonnen, a Shell company, are working with developers of new residential communities to deploy their battery storage systems on a large number of homes, including solar+storage projects where the electrical system is interconnected and integrated into a virtual power plant (VPP). There are some similar projects in the U.S. and around the world, such as the first ‘innovative community in the U.S. being built in Georgia, a partnership between utility manufacturer Georgia Power and homebuilder PulteHomes net-zero energy community.

In the SunHouse project deployed in Austin, Texas, Brookfield’s Renewable Energy business unit will integrate solar power facilities at the Easton campus, while Tesla will install solar+storage systems for residential customers. The community will also have some electric vehicle charging points on the campus.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler noted in this regard, “The City of Austin is excited about the arrival of these affordable, renewable energy homes. I applaud Tesla, Brookfield and Dacra for their collaborative approach to developing sustainable energy and housing, and this out-of-the-box thinking will make our community a model project for energy innovation in the U.S. and the rest of the country.”

When it comes to the current state of energy in Texas and the United States, Brookfield’s Kingston said the need for energy security is at the forefront of many people’s minds. Texas suffered a severe energy crisis in February this year triggered by freezing weather. And Wayne Muncaster of Grid Beyond, a provider of demand response platforms, advocated the need for widespread promotion of distributed energy, in which more battery storage systems are deployed, to increase the flexibility and reliability of the grid in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) service area, which covers much of the state.  

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