Features of SPBATT Energy Storage System Battery in details

  1. Appearance:

We can customize the battery casing in different shapes according to customers’ requirements. The surface of the battery is proceeded with special process and passes a series of tests such as moisture resistance, salt spray and so on to make it suitable for various environments.

SPBATT Household Energy Storage System

2. Safety in use: 

a. The energy storage battery is fitted with a fiber optic temperature sensor, which can accurately detect the temperature of the product in operation, ensuring that the battery can be used safely.

b. In addition to the temperature control system, our home energy storage batteries are also fitted with an aerosol fire extinguisher, which consists mainly of inert gas. When the battery is over-run, malfunctioning or when the temperature is too high and causes an internal fire, the aerosol of this built-in fire extinguishing system will automatically release inert gas to fill the battery and eliminate the source of the fire.

3. Installation, transportation and connect protection solutions:

a. There are two foldable handles on the battery for easy handling. The back of the battery is also equipped with a pure iron bracket for easy installation by the customer.

SPBATT Industrial Energy Storage System
SPBATT Industrial Energy Storage System

b. The connect points of the battery power cable are made of silver-plated copper conductors for better conductivity, with a waterproof, leak-proof plug outside.

c. Our energy storage batteries have a main air switch which ensures that the battery is automatically disconnected in the event of a power leak. When the air switch is disconnected, we can also make sure the normal power supply without reboot and reset the system.

Advantages of the SPBATT Energy Storage System Battery

Our goal is to provide our customers with the cheapest possible electricity, and ensure they can maximize the usage of electricity from the energy storage system battery in daily. In the day time, the battery is charged by PV and the power will convert to AC by the inverter, ensuring the free electricity can be used when electricity usage peaks and electricity bills are high. In the night when electricity consumption is low and the cost is low, our storage batteries is charged from the mains electricity by setting on the BMS control panel to use the electricity at low peak times and charge much less.

ess application

In our battery storage system, when we have excess power obtained through the photovoltaic system, we can also integrate the excess power into the AC grid and earn a fee.

Where can SPBATT Energy Storage System Battery be used ?

Our products can be used not only in remote areas where there are frequent power cuts and shortages, but also in animal and plant farms and casinos that require continuous power supply, and can be made portable for rescue and other uses.

The overall weight of the battery is approximately 45kg and the battery itself is modular so that multiple items can be connected to increase the total capacity of the battery.

SPBATT Industrial Energy Storage System
SPBATT Industrial Energy Storage System