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Solar Energy Storage System

Photovoltaic power generation is now the most widely used power generation technology in new energy generation systems as it should be. Compared to thermal power generation, wind power generation, hydroelectric power generation, etc. There is no restriction on location, installation is more convenient, and the efficiency of power generation is more stable, so it is indeed a kind of clean energy that is most preferable. As home solar panels gradually enter tiny homes in cities and rural areas, the service life of home energy storage systems has become a concern for some customers.
So how long is the service life of a photovoltaic power generation system?
Do the components of the PV power generation system need to be replaced regularly?
How often do the special storage batteries of photovoltaic power generation systems need to be replaced?

The lifetime of a home energy storage system depends on 2 main components

1. Solar energy conversion system part

Photovoltaic power generation system uses sunlight for power generation, the conversion of solar energy into electricity because the service life of photovoltaic power generation system will receive force majeure, natural disasters, and human factors an unpredictable situation. However, according to the feedback from users in everyday use under normal circumstances, the service life of a photovoltaic power generation system is generally about twenty to twenty-five years.

2. Energy storage battery part

The service life of special storage batteries for solar power generation systems is generally about five years. To maintain the stability and maximum efficiency of the power generation system, use this to regularly check the condition of the batteries and periodically replace the inefficient batteries to prevent problems with the entire power generation system due to short circuits in some of the disciple batteries.


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