SPBATT home energy storage system – can combine the solar power portion and spbatt’s home energy storage battery to distribute and use energy wisely. In the event of a power outage, it can still provide power to the appliances you need to use most urgently until the batteries run out of energy.

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Household Energy Storage System

Introduction to use

As the sun rises, the solar power system begins to receive energy from the sun. Through the combined regulation of Inverter and MPPT, the energy is rationally applied to household appliances or stored in the batteries of the home energy storage system, as set by the user in the MPPT.

In addition, our home energy storage system is compatible with many major brands of inverter – including Goodwe inverter, DEYE inverter, Growatt inverter, etc.

Is a home energy storage system necessary?

1. The massive power outage in Texas, USA in mid-February 2021 due to extreme weather peaked with 4.5 million homes and businesses in Texas without power. And the storm caused a major power outage in Texas caused at least 48 deaths, mostly from loss of heat, partly from medical equipment failure caused by the power outage, emergency heating equipment causing carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.

2. recently, the northwest of the United States and the western part of Canada are facing unprecedented hot weather and power outages brought about by the hot weather. on June 29, the World Meteorological Organization’s spokesman Nurse said, “these areas that once maintained a cool climate are now experiencing daily temperatures of up to 113.00°F”

3. The Washington Post reported that much of the western United States is in a “wartime state.” The heavy use of air conditioners has put tremendous strain on the national grid, with power companies in Texas and California planning to lose power in due course; melting power lines, broken roads and wildfires are all over North America at the moment. It will also further increase the difficulty of using electricity in the United States.

The above three news from the internet clearly tell us that the population is at risk of power outages due to extreme weather at any time, so spbatt recommends that every household has a strong need for a home energy storage system, especially in countries where electricity is expensive and often faces the effects of power outages

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Household Energy Storage System


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